Who Is Afraid of Blogging and Social Media? A Guide For the Utterly Terrified


[This post originally appeared on Richard Branson's Entrepreneur Blog] Okay, hands up. Who's afraid of blogging and social media? Let’s be honest here.  Do you sit at your desk trying to blog, or micro-blog, and realise you don’t have a thing to say? Are you afraid to speak up because … [Read more...]


Blogging Leadership Secrets (Series)

Blogging Leadership

Welcome to the Blogging Leadership series of interviews. In the series, I have the privilege of interviewing top business leaders who are using blogging as a critical business tool. Blogging Leadership offers a platform to top business leaders who have discovered the joys (qualified leads) and … [Read more...]


SEO for Beginners: Have You Mastered Spider-Love?


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is growing up. In the beginning, there was 'Internet Business' (a static website online with 'About', 'What We Do', 'Who We Are' and 'Contact Us') Then there was Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Web Business using lots of keywords and sneaky tricks to … [Read more...]


Blogging Is Rubbish For Business

dog blog

What makes me sigh, in a 'bless them for they know not what they do' way is when business owners scoff at social media. "I set up a Twitter account three months ago AND a Facebook account AND I even dabbled in blogging.  Load of rubbish, I tell ya". I see people like him in sports shops. … [Read more...]


We’re All Marketers Now: Blogging in the Workplace

The blog knowledge tree

A recurring theme that comes up in The Business of Blogging Workshops is how to get everyone engaged in the content-producing effort, ie blogging. For every one-person organisation struggling to get 2 or 3 fresh posts out per week, there are huge numbers of larger organisations with only 1 or … [Read more...]


Top Edinburgh Entrepreneur Reveals Blogging Secrets (Series)

David Jenkins, Fettes Management

This is the first in an exciting series of interviews with top business bloggers in the UK. I'm really chuffed to do this because it gives great business bloggers a chance to share their secrets as well as promote their blogs. Do you have any recommendations of who is getting it right? Send me … [Read more...]


Building Great Content – Content Curation [Supersize Blogging]

The Thinker: Seeking great blog content?

How To Build A Great Blog in 156 Easy Steps (Lesson 2) As a professional blogger, I know, I know, it's hard to find great content. You can set up your RSS Google Reader to help with ideas. You can scour your colleagues material for inspiration. You can even sit staring at your blank screen … [Read more...]


The Ultimate How To of Crowdfunding (Update)

Crowdfunding Infographic

A Crowdfunding Special Post - This post was first published on the Scottish Business Quarterly Magazine in October 2011 Scottish business starts ups are feeling the pinch in the credit-crunch years: forecasts are gloomy and financial spirits are low. But lo, what happens when the global … [Read more...]


What Charities Can Teach Us About Social Media

Social media surgery

As part of Social Media Week, I was parachuted in as part of the emergency crack, social media team helping third sector (charities and social enterprises) get tooled up with social media. The Social Media Surgery was one of 1000s of events that took place across Glasgow, Bogota, Beirut and … [Read more...]


The Lie of Social Media And The Problem With Ghost Writers

Social media ghosting

If you want to fire your social media ghost writer, make sure you change the passwords. Mark Davidson, an internet sales and marketing professional with 56,000 followers, fired his Twitter ghost writer.  The ghost, as it turned out, was part of a 4-strong team of social media writers hired to … [Read more...]