Copywriting Rates: How Low Can You Go?

Great copywriting drives sales. Of that, there is no doubt.

It does this by using story-telling, word-imagery, psychology and emotional pulls to convince your clients to believe and trust both you, your company and your product.Copywriting excellence

But …

The number one question I am always asked is: How much does a copywriter cost?

My answer?

How much does a car cost?

Copywriting, like cars, can be dirt cheap. And that’s absolutely fine – there is a place in the market for that.

Or they can build impressions that are engineered to last.


How Much Is A Car?

Well, it all depends what you’d like the car to do.

  • A-B? A basic cheap, functional car will do just fine.
  • Style and personal branding? For the streamlined and modern person who likes freedom of expression, there are prices, with individualised customisation, to match.
  • Economy and environmentalism? Pricier, but hey, you don’t mind paying that little bit extra to save the planet or create a conscious platform
  • A status symbol? As an E-Class Executive who likes perfect engineering and dynamic sports performance, there is an exclusive range of price packages uniquely tailored for you
  • A babe magnet? Well, it depends on the babe, really. There are certain babes you can pull with a lovely 2nd-hand yellow Ferrari for £7k. On the other hand, some babes won’t go near you unless your ride is worth over £140k.
copywriting excellence

Gravitas copy?

When it comes to copywriting, it all depends what you want; what type of quality you want and whether your business needs you to have a great relationship with your customers.

If it’s relationship-building copy you are after, then you need a copywriter, or a copy team with a proper understanding of your current and prospective clients, and can build from there.

It all comes down to one thing … Do you need a cheap pair of hands?  A safe pair of hands? Or the best in breed pair of hands?

Or even better … do you want to drive a car, or an experience?


The Highs and Lows of Copywriting Costs

Copywriting prices can be super-pricey, like £100,000 for “Just Do It” and “Think Different” or “A Diamond Is Forever”. Or you can find super cheap copywriters on Elance or other freelance websites who will charge as little as 10p per word.

Great copywriting

Snazzy copy?

There are copywriters who will charge fixed rate fees; special packages; ongoing retainer fees.

There are even copywriters who will even charge nothing at all but take a percentage of the returns on the direct marketing / Facebook engagement / blog post reach, response and engagement.

A sure-fire way to manoever great prices and a quality service from a copywriter is to work on 3, 6 or 12-month measured projects. This way, the copywriter develops tonnes of knowledge about the company; the various customers (buyer personnas); the analytics; the right Calls to Action; tone; style; etc.

Working on longer term contracts means the Copy Consultant can spend more time on the client’s projects and less time getting under the skin of the business / industry / individuals.


How To Find Great Copywriters

You can hire copywriters through your marketing or advertising agency or you can hire them directly without the costly overheads. You can source copywriters via their websites and a Google search. Or you can find them from recommendations via social media networks or your usual business networks.

You can find copywriters who specialise in only a few markets like farming or banking. And then there are copywriters who are generalists and will gladly cover any sector.

There are freelance copywriters who only do offline (brochures, newsletters, adverts, press releases). But be warned, these copywriters often have no confidence in online stuff beyond a basic business card static website.

And then there is the glorious new breed of copywriters who go by the name of “SEO” or “Relationship Managers” or “Content Marketers”or “Content Managers.”

Copywriting excellence

Conscious copy?


A Brief Intro to the SEO Copywriting Industry

The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriters are the new stallions in your local city’s copywriting marketing stable who will develop relationships with your clients over LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter and all the other social media communication networks.

Some copywriters will do it single handedly as micro-freelance businesses. Yet others will bring in their own highly trained team to manage the whole account. That way, there can be a more flexible pricing structure. Social Media Juniors can work on the scheduled tasks and Content Directors can develop an inbound strategy that hits the customer’s sweet spot each and every time.

And then there are other copywriters who will work hand in hand with other copywriters, video producers, radio podcasters  and graphic designers to broker the best social media team per project.

It all depends on whether you want them to just write the copy, or create content for different media then circulate it throughout all the various social media sites.


How Do You Know You’re Getting The Right Price For Copy or Content?

It’s a classic question really and the answer is oh so simple.

Great Copywriting

Functional copy?

Is the copywriter a Ferrari or a Skoda? An Armani copywriter or a Poundstretcher copywriter? Or do you prefer Kodak copywriting (safe and reliable) to Instagram copywriting (community-building copy).

Do you trust them to:

a) do a great job

b) not rip you off

c) bring the best resources possible for your particular clients and customers

Have a chat with a few of them and try them out on a couple of small projects. Sometimes, it can be all down to great working relationships, management process and communications as well as achieving copy-orientated results.


Over To You

Amazing copywriting

Individualistic copy?

Ever had good / bad experiences with copywriters? How much should they charge? Can you suggest ways copywriters can do a better job?

Do dive in with a comment below, subscribe for more updates or join in the conversation on Supersize Blogging’s Facebook.

If you think this little post has been useful, do share it or pass it on to somebody who’d appreciate it.

If you would like to chat about some projects you have in mind, contact me through the usual channels.

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    1. Muhammed says:

      Hi Angela what a wonderful pctiure. I wish I was there now.Copywriting is tough but the rewards can be tremendous. I’ve written my own copy for my business for years. But, I’m still not sure if i would have the confidence to do it for another business. I think I’d be worried incase they weren’t happy with the results, or I wrote something that totally bombed.But your advice is spot on for anyone wanting to give it a try. Generally good copywriters make far more money than other freelance writers.

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  5. Anne says:

    Michael All sound advice. I never had a great RSS/email sign up on my blog until it had been runinng about 4 months. Then I had another agent tell me she would read me more but needed to get updates by email. I had thought a basic RSS would work, turns out not. My next one on your list is the about page. I can’t tell you how much I not only hate mine but the idea of having to re-do it. So for now it sits but it really is a must have component and should be a killer one.

  6. Comparing copywriters to cars is an intriguing concept, owing to the many similarities they share.

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