5 Solid Ways To Build Your Business Blog

It’s all about the Content, baby.  And that content doesn’t make itself.

There are 5 solid ways to build your business blog.

1. Do It Yourself: Yup, it’s free to build a half-decent site and upload regular compelling content then syndicate it all over the globe. The only cost is time.

2. Attend Blog Content-Creating Labs: Roll your sleeves up and learn precisely how to organise your time, post frequently, get more traffic on your site and write compelling copy (6 hours), create great video (6 hours) or design brilliant animation (6 hours)

3. Attend Monthly Supersize Blogging Academy Sessions: Last Thursday of the Month in Glasgow and last Friday of the month in Edinburgh(2 hours)

4. Hire Supersize Blogging: Ensure frequent thought-leadership content; curated content from a variety of sources; promotion through social networks; relationships built online and your online reputation protected

5. Contact Me: To discuss your options, preferences, reservations, doubts, anxieties, pressing urgencies, hopes, wishes and dreams

The Content Creation Matrix

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